Bystronic NC-programming

bystronic cnc cadcam easy-in-use brennschneiden flame-cut brandsnijden
CNC-code for Bystronic flamc-cutter
With TensorCadCam it’s a piece of cake to generate a NC-program for the bystronic controller. Watch the video how fast TensorCadCam will allow you to program your Bystronic.

Bystronic lasercutting brennschneiden flamecut brandsnijden

Firma Forga BV in Gaanderen
Forga BV hs been a satisfied customer for over 10 years. Besides the WireEdm-programming, the Bystronic flame-cutter is now also programmed wit TensorCadCam. Jeroen van de Berg “We are very pleased that we decided to extend the fast-progamming with Tensor to out flame-cutter. If our customer doesn’t supply us with a DXF-file, we can draw up our parts in Tensor very easily. The bystronic-postprocessor will then full-automatic define the approach for all profiles and generate the NC-program. To limit the length of the NC-program the NC-code contains a main-program and sub-programs for seperate parts which then can be nested on a bigger sheet. This really saves us a lot of time. The machining time and cuttinglength is also presented,”

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TensorCadCam including the postprocessor for the Bystronic CNC-controller is available for  €1790,- . For more information on pricing you may contact us.

Download and try

Have a go and find out how Tensor will allow you to generate the NC-program.
Follow instructions below:
1. Download the TensorCadCam-software here
2. Fill in the blank  here for a temporary-license and follow instructions.
3. Download the necessary files for the Bystronic bystronic-en.exe 
4. Read this document Readme Bystronic.pdf how to generate the NC-program for Bytronic with TensorCadCam