Your data
The data available to us made ​​such as names, address, phone number or email address (personal information) will only be used to process your request or the settlement of contracts, support or supplies. Your information will NOT be made ​​available to third parties. Your information is only kept as long as is necessary for us to communicate with you or what we are legally required to do so.

Website visit
Your visit to our website will be so stored on the server of our ISP as it is supplied by your browser. These are:

– Type of Internetbrowser Referrer URL (previous visited page)
– Hostname of used PC (IP Adres)
– Time of visit on server. Visited pages within our website Browsertype/ -version.

These data do not belong to the personal data and serve only for statistical purposes and to improve our service.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your PC and keep your browser. They simplify the use of our website, eg user forum. However, you have the option to turn off this option within your browser. In that case it can, however, lead to restricted usage within our website.

Right to information
You can claim invalid information regarding you that is stored by us, and you have, if desired, the right to rectification, termination or delete this data.