Videos when working with Tensor Cad

On this page you will find all sorts of videos explaining how to make your drawing within Tensor Cad.
This page is meant not only for Tensor-users but also for those who want find out that Tensor Cad software is a powerful tool to generate 2D and 2.5D technical drawings.


Examples of the power and simplicity of Tensor Cad
Click on the text below to start a video. Don’t forget to turn on your speakers of your PC.

List of coordinates of intersection points of a lathe profile
Explanation of the Tensor-principle: Direction and sequence
How to select elements
How to draft and dimension a sawtooth-profile
Draft a handle within 2 minutes
Draft a disc
Define tangent lines to an arc in an easy way
Coordinates-table of points
Fast and easy: How to draw a part with holes and dimensioning

Drafting excercises from the manual of Tensor Cad

excercise1: Sketch lines, elements and filleting
excercise2: draw arcs and roundings
excercise3: Copy and mirror in Tensor
excercise4: Draw a line with an angles
excercise5: tangent lines, rotate and mirror
excercise6: Trim, tangent lines, fillet and arcs
excercise7: Arc tangent to elements
excercise8: Move XY-coordinatesystem
excercise9: Tangent to arc and point
excercise10: Helplines to define rounding and tangent lines
excercise11: Mirror a symmetric shape
excercise12: profiles containing fillets on arcs
excercise13: Lathe–profile with roundings and tangent lines
excercise14: tangent lines and congruent lines
excercise15: Temporary displacement of referencepoint and axes, rotation and mirroring