21 years of experience
TensorCadCam has been offering Cad-solutions for over 21 years. Thousands of companies use Tensor every day to convert their ideas into a technical drawing. Tensor-users are active in all kind of fields, varying from tool-and-die industry to someone who uses Tensor to calculate the available space on a buildingconstruction-site to place cranes.


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From smallbusinesses to multinationals all around the globe, engineeringcompanies, machinefactories, toolshops, furniture-business, woodworking, industrial designers, everywhere Tensor is being used as a drawingtool. Take a look at the  references-page to read about the experiences of users working with Tensor.


Getting started
Users  with previous CAD-experience can start off right away. We recommend you to watch a few drawing-excercises and accompanied videos to comprehend the direction-order principle. For users without cad-experience we recommend to work through several drawing-excercises and accompanied videos, read the manual and watch more videos, p.e how to dimension a drawing

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Continuous improvement
During these 21 years constantly developments have taken place to lift Tensor to a higher level, where usability is always the most important theme. Many ideas and enhancement-proposition from user have been mplemented. After all, we very well realize that es[ecially our users are the ones who can give the best input to improve Tensor-CAD.


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Tensor CadCam is an easy-in-use CadCam software which generates CNC-code from your drawings for milling lathe, Wire-EDM, waterjet- and lasercutting. CNC-code is generated for any controller like p.e. Haas Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fagor and many more.
As the user can define all NC-jobs through a presented automatic dialogue everyone can make CNC-programs when you are able to make your geometry in Tensor.