Koike NC-programming

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CNC-code for Bystronic flamecutter
With TensorCadCam it’s a piece of cake to generate a NC-program for the Koike controller. Watch the video how fast TensorCadCam will allow you to program your Koike.


koike bystronic cadcam cnc code

Tridec is the world leader for steering systems. It specializes in the development and manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic steering systems and axle suspensions for all types of trailers.
TensorCadCam has already been deployed for 12 years to program the Koike flamecutter. René Klomp, IT coordinator within Tridec: “We are very satisfied with TensorCadCam. Creating NC programs for Koike machine is a piece of cake. We import DXF files from our 3D CAD system and convert this into NC code. The processing time and the cost for cutting are being calculated. Through the years we have had some updates in our hardware, and TensorCadCam has proven to be a very reliable and helpfull supplier changes in the hardware and TensorCadCam been very helpful. In short, we are very satisfied. ”

eenvoudig cnc programmeren nesten

TensorCadCam including the postprocessor for the Koike CNC-controller  is available for  €1790,- . For more information on pricing you may contact us.

Download and try
Have a go and find out how Tensor will allow you to generate the NC-program.
Follow instructions below:
1. Download the TensorCadCam-software here
2. Fill in the blank here for a temporary-license and follow instructions.
3. Download the necessary files for the Koike Koike-en.exe 
4. Read this document Readme_Koike.pdf how to generate the NC-program for Koike with TensorCadCam